Auto 4S shop

Generally, Auto 4S shop decoration and style are fashionable, make people feels very comfortable. In such an upper-grade environment If with a transparent LED display, it would add a sense of high tech to the store, outstanding its characteristics, more attractive and impressive.

Transparent LED display into the 4S shop, generally should meet the clients follows requirements :

(1) LED display must be high resolution,

(2) must ensure the best glass transparent effect,

(3) must be guarantee not affect the interior design.

NEXNOVO Technology XW series products, can meet the all these 4S shops requirements, with high brightness 7500nit, high transparency to 75%, within the limited area of its current glass situations maximum the screen resolution. At the same time, ensures the transparent effect of the glass curtain wall, enables a clear viewing effect both from indoor and outdoor. Which add an advanced high-tech sense to the high-end cars decoration style.

Value Points:

1. The world’s highest resolution and brightness

2. Perfectly integrated with the shop interior decoration

3. easy installation and maintenance

4. High stability


Unparalleled Transparency

Easy Setup

Light Weight

High Brightness

Stable Performance

Central Control

Easy Maintenance

Energy Efficiency

Cost Efficiency